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Considering Botox ®? Plastic Surgeons of Lexington can answer all your questions.

Botox ® Cosmetic is used to improve dynamic wrinkles on the face caused by facial movements such as laughing, smiling, or frowning. It works by blocking nerve transmission to a muscle thereby relaxing the muscle that contracts to cause a wrinkle.  Areas that are commonly treated are frown lines between the eyes, wrinkles of the forehead, and lines adjacent to the eyes or crow’s feet.

After a muscle is injected, its first effects are not seen for 24 hours and the complete effect on the muscle will not be complete for two weeks. After the first set of injections, reinjection after two weeks allows for an accurate localization of any resistant functioning muscles. With this method, 90% or more patients do respond to Botox ® Cosmetic.  The simple procedure typically takes 10 minutes and the actual injections only seconds.  No anesthesia is required.  The number of injections depends on the areas affected.  Reinjection is suggested every three or four months to keep the muscles paralyzed and allow the furrows to completely smooth out.

Some mild discomfort and swelling at the injection sites can be experienced, but most individuals are able to return to work or normal daily activities after treatment.

For more information on Botox ® Cosmetic and whether or not this procedure is right for you please contact Plastics Surgeons of Lexington for a consultation or to receive more information.


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