Breast Reconstruction
Following Mastectomy
Many women who suffer from breast cancer often need to have one or both breasts completely removed as a part of their breast cancer treatment. Being robbed of a key part of the female body can be emotionally traumatizing. Thankfully, breast reconstruction can help restore an individual’s sense of self, and in doing so, it can improve one’s own self-image, confidence, and overall quality of life.
Achieved With
Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Having breasts is a physical manifestation of femininity and womanhood. The loss of one or both breasts can make you feel like you have lost your femininity. Breast reconstruction gives you back that physical sign of being a woman.
Improved Shape
and Self-Image
The breasts play a critical role in defining a woman’s body shape. By undergoing breast reconstruction after mastectomy, your body shape will appear more feminine. This will help you feel more comfortable with your body and improve your self-image.
The experience of going through a mastectomy for breast cancer may cause intense emotional trauma and distress. Emotional healing is possible through breast reconstruction by restoring a key feature of femininity and one’s sense of self. Reconstruction of the breast(s) can help you move past your breast cancer diagnosis so that you can move forward with life.
Undergoing a mastectomy can shake your self-confidence because it removes a portion of your body that has helped define who you are. Breast reconstruction can not only recreate your feminine body shape, but doing so can also restore your confidence in yourself and in life.
Types of Breast Reconstruction
Following Mastectomy

Autologous Reconstruction

  1. Harvests tissue from your abdomen, thigh, or buttock to reconstruct the breast
    1. Includes a construct of skin, fat, and potentially muscle
  2. Can recreate the mound of the breast immediately following the mastectomy
  3. The nipple and areola are reconstructed at a second stage
  4. Two surgical sites
Frequently Asked
Breast Reconstruction Following
Partial Mastectomy
Sometimes, your cancer surgeon will determine that your cancer can be effectively treated with a partial mastectomy, also known as a lumpectomy. If you undergo this technique to treat breast cancer, you will keep your natural breasts, but it may result in breast asymmetry. A board-certified plastic surgeon is uniquely suited to deal with this problem. At the time of the partial mastectomy, a plastic surgeon can rearrange breast parenchyma in both breasts in the form of a breast reduction or a breast lift in an effort to achieve better symmetry and appearance. Ask your breast cancer surgeon and a board-certified plastic surgeon if this is an option.
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