Visible signs of aging are most difficult to conceal in our faces. Wrinkles and sagging skin along your cheeks and jawline can rob you of a youthful appearance. While non-surgical treatments may help temporarily stave off the effects of time, more dramatic correction is eventually needed to provide you with a result you desire. A facelift can effectively treat facial wrinkles and sagging for a brighter, more youthful appearance.
Achieved With
Facelift Surgery
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All facelift incisions are created discreetly in the hairline and in front of the ear to mask any visible scarring that may develop. A facelift targets two distinct types of tissues: the overlying skin and the underlying muscular and fascial network. Lifting and repositioning the deeper layer of tissues of the face helps restore volume to its proper location, while advancing and resecting the outer layer of skin helps smooth facial wrinkles. Lifting the facial muscles allows your surgeon to craft new contours that highlight your natural facial structure. The surface tissues are draped evenly and smoothly over your new contours. These techniques work in harmony to craft a natural, youthful appearance.
While there are non-surgical treatments to help improve facial appearance, these treatments provide only temporary correction. Moreover, they cannot restore volume to its proper location; they only mask volume discrepancies. Working to correct the position of deep underlying tissues of the face and permanently removing excess skin improves the appearance of facial sagging and wrinkles for longer-lasting results than non-surgical treatments.
Facial aging causes many men and women to feel insecure about their appearance. By smoothing wrinkles and treating facial sagging, many patients are able to achieve a more youthful appearance. Your new, smooth complexion can help you feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance. Many patients feel that this increase in confidence has a positive impact on other areas of their life and improves their overall satisfaction.
Facelift Areas Treated

Wrinkles Around the Mouth

  1. When excess skin is trimmed away along the cheek and jawline, the remaining tissue is redraped. During this process, fine lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth are often smoothed. Deep facial wrinkles are often the cause of visible aging. A facelift smooths these wrinkles for long-lasting results.

Lack of Definition Along the Jawline

  1. Drooping facial muscles and skin can obscure the definition along your jawline, and this can affect your overall facial balance. A facelift targets the deep, underlying muscular structure and lifts drooping facial muscles. By tightening and supporting the muscles along the cheeks and jawline, better facial definition is created.

Neck Sagging

  1. Fullness under your chin can age your appearance as does sagging skin. Trimming away tissue along the neck and tightening the underlying platysma muscle can restore a slimmer neck appearance. Crafting a slimmer neck can help provide better definition and a more graceful profile.
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