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Hand Surgery

Considering hand surgery? Plastic Surgeons of Lexington can answer all your questions.

Hand Surgery is a broad topic.  Those individuals who are board certified in Plastic surgery and Orthopedic surgery or board certified in General surgery after having completed a hand fellowship are qualified to perform this type of surgery.  The anatomic areas of the body within the realm of a hand surgeon include the hand proper, the wrist, and the soft tissue of the arm.

Indeed, the entire upper extremity is a complex entity that is part sensory organ, feeding your central nervous system with useful information about the environment, and part tool, capable of performing highly complex tasks.  Even minor complaints can be very problematic.  They can result in very limited use of the hand, which can greatly impair ones life.  It is imperative, then, that your hand complaint be handled by a qualified hand specialist because only that type of surgeon knows and understands the highly complex inner workings of your upper extremity.

Common problems treated by a hand surgeon include tendon injuries; neurovascular injuries; fractures of the fingers, hand, and wrist; trigger finger, Dupuytrens contracture, nerve compression disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and congenital anomalies of the hand such as syndactyly.  If you or someone you know suffers from one these mentioned medical problems or has an undiagnosed hand complaint, please contact our office – a qualified hand specialist is waiting to evaluate you.

For more information on hand surgery and whether or not this procedure is right for you please contact Plastic Surgeons of Lexington for a consultation or to receive more information.

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