Hair loss can be devastating. No matter your age or gender, the loss of hair can affect you emotionally and physically. A number of factors contribute to hair loss, including aging, genetics, hormonal changes, trauma, and medical conditions. Hair restoration with NeoGraft® offers a successful treatment for hair loss and can restore your confidence along with a full head of hair.
Achieved With
With NeoGraft®, individual follicular units of one to four hairs each are extracted and transplanted to the desired area. Harvesting follicular units in such precise, small quantities allows the transplanted hair to produce the most natural-looking results.
The hair that is transplanted with NeoGraft® is healthy hair from the back or sides of the head. As healthy hair, these follicular units retain their strength and quality when transplanted into the recipient site. Hence, your results can last a long time after hair restoration with NeoGraft®.
Hair loss can be galling and may diminish your self-confidence. Many people with hair loss feel that it is a sign of getting old, which may be depressing. Restoring a full head of hair will not only enhance your appearance but can also boost your self-confidence and help you to feel better about how you look.
The NeoGraft®

Before Your Procedure

  1. You will meet with your surgeon to discuss your expectations, your interest in NeoGraft®, and whether you are a good candidate.
  2. The surgeon will create your personal treatment plan with NeoGraft®.
  3. You should follow all recommendations in preparation for your procedure, including cessation of medications, washing your hair, and arranging for transportation after your treatment.
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