Breast Augmentation: From A to a D (Part B)

Now that we’ve talked about size, let’s switch gears and talk about how the shape of the implant can affect the overall look of your procedure.

Part B. Shape

Whether you are considering going up one cup size or interested in doubling your assets, Breast Augmentations are not necessarily just about size.  Sure, you can go from an A cup to a D cup, but there are other considerations for Breast Augmentation Surgery.

For example, with Breast Augmentation Surgery you can improve the shape of your breasts. By having a Breast Augmentation procedure, you can correct any asymmetry you may have and add fullness where volume may have been lost over time.  When considering shape, you have the option of choosing breast implants that are round or teardrop shaped.

Round Breast Implants are round in shape and add fullness to the upper region of the breasts.  This fullness often creates the prominent cleavage that many women desire.  Another option is teardrop shaped implants.  These implants are proportionate in size to your chest width and the overall frame of your body.  Teardrop shaped implants offer a more natural look since they resemble the shape of your natural breast.

Regardless of if you prefer a round or teardrop shaped implant, many patients who have undergone Breast Augmentation Surgery have experienced the increase in confidence that comes from having larger, more natural looking breasts.

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