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Chin Liposuction is a direct solution for dealing with bothersome fat below the chin and jawline. It is a cosmetic surgery that involves the permanent removal of fat cells from the lower face and neck, addressing double chins and a weak jawline. It can give you a more defined profile, better framing your face, and improving your overall appearance. 

At Plastic Surgeons of Lexington, our team of experienced surgeons provide chin liposuction procedures for patients in the areas of Lexington, Frankfort, Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Knoxville, and beyond. We run our practice with a dedication to thoughtful patient care and aesthetic results that are second to none. 

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About Chin Liposuction

It is well known that diet and exercise are the most effective ways to lose weight, and losing weight typically involves burning fat cells from your body. Subcutaneous fat accumulates just below the skin, and it can be difficult to burn off even with the most diligent diet regimens and exercise routines. It can build up in pockets that protrude from the body and contribute to a “chubby” look. Liposuction, sometimes referred to as “lipo,” slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing these excess subcutaneous fat deposits. (1) This treatment can improve your body contours and proportionality by eliminating the fat cells that could not be shed with traditional solutions. When subcutaneous fat builds up below the chin, it can make your face look older, adding years to your appearance. For double chins and hidden jawlines, a chin liposuction procedure from Plastic Surgeons of Lexington can leave you looking sharper and more youthful. 

Chin liposuction involves one of our board-certified plastic surgeons making small incisions in discreet locations along the chin and jaw. 

We often provide chin liposuction in combination with additional cosmetic procedures like a neck lift. In some cases, liposuction will leave behind excess skin that cannot reform to the newfound lack of fat volume. A lift procedure can remove excess skin and tissue to ensure that the chin appears firm and tight in its new shape. 

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Benefits of Chin Liposuction

Receiving a chin liposuction procedure from Plastic Surgeons of Lexington is highly beneficial. There are numerous perks to this treatment, including:

  • Providing a fast and effective solution for a double-chin
  • Defining the jawline and accentuating the face
  • Achieving a refined appearance that weight loss alone could not
  • Increasing your self-confidence
  • Boosting your self-esteem
  • Motivating you to stay in shape and maintain your enhanced aesthetic

Who is a Candidate for Chin Liposuction?

If you have excess fat under your chin and jawline, this treatment may be the answer for you. An ideal candidate for chin liposuction will have a positive attitude and realistic expectations about what cosmetic surgery can do for them. To undergo liposuction, you should be in relatively good health with no underlying conditions that could affect your healing ability. While chin liposuction is not a particularly intensive procedure, you will still need to be able to heal to benefit from its transformative results. If you have lots of excess skin in addition to the fat under your chin, we may need to combine your procedure with a facelift or a neck lift. We can discuss your eligibility and the best treatment for you at your personal consultation. 

Personal Consultation

At Plastic Surgeons of Lexington, we prioritize transparency and understanding with our patients. At your consultation, we will answer your questions about the chin liposuction procedure and ensure that you know everything you need to. 

Throughout your consultation, we will take our time assessing your chin, neck, and jawline, and let you know what we think is the best cosmetic course of action. Together we can discuss your beauty goals, and we can tell you which of our services can help you reach them. To make sure that your treatment is safe and free of complications, we will ask you some questions about your medical history. Understanding the surgeries, prescriptions, and conditions that you have had in the past will allow us to create a personalized preparation and treatment plan. We will want to know about your current prescriptions and conditions as well. We may run some tests to further assess your health. At the end of your consultation, we can give you an accurate cost estimate for your chin liposuction treatment and schedule your procedure appointment.

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Preparing for your chin liposuction procedure by following the personalized instructions that we give you can help to ensure that your treatment is effective. We may ask that you change your prescription intake and some aspects of your lifestyle. If you smoke, you should stop until you are completely recovered. Smoking can affect your ability to heal and could lead to complications during surgery. You should also avoid substances that thin the blood and may cause excess bleeding. These include anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin, vitamin E, and herbal supplements. You should already be at your ideal weight if you have opted for liposuction, so be sure to maintain your diet and lifestyle leading up to your treatment. You may be disoriented by anesthesia when your surgery is over, so you should arrange a ride home from our facilities on the day of your surgery. 

Chin Liposuction Procedure

At Plastic Surgeons of Lexington, we perform chin liposuction procedures on an outpatient basis. When you come in for your treatment, we will administer you with either local or general anesthesia, depending on your treatment plan. Your surgeon will begin by making the incisions around your treatment area. They will then inject the tumescent fluid and wait for it to take effect. Then, using a cannula, they will break apart your fat and remove it. They will remove careful amounts of fat from particular areas of your chin, neck, and jawline to provide a defined aesthetic. When they are finished, we will take you to a recovery room and watch over you as the anesthesia wears off. When you feel comfortable, you may go home. 


Recovery from chin liposuction will require a few days of downtime to facilitate healing and speed up your recovery. Most patients do not miss more than one week of work. We will give you personalized instructions that will detail how to take care of your incision sites as well as guidelines for your recovery timeline. You may experience some redness, swelling, and bruising. These symptoms are common and they should go away by themselves. If you feel a distracting level of discomfort, we can prescribe medication that can help you through this period. Avoid physical activity for about ten days after your procedure. Do not resume strenuous activity until you are completely healed. 


Swelling will obscure the final results of your chin liposuction procedure for several months. But you will still see the slimming improvements that removing excess fat can have on your chin. Your results will be permanent, as fat cells cannot grow back once they have been removed. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be essential to upholding the aesthetic results of your treatment. This is because fluctuations in weight can still cause the remaining fat cells in your face to shrink or grow. 

How Much Does Chin Liposuction Cost in Lexington?

The cost of your chin liposuction treatment will depend on a variety of factors, including the extent of your surgery and your anesthesia choice. To learn more about how much chin liposuction costs at Plastic Surgeons of Lexington, call us at (859) 276-3883 or contact us online. 


When will I see results after my chin liposuction procedure?

You will notice an immediate reduction in fat volume and an enhanced appearance immediately after your chin liposuction procedure. Swelling will keep you from seeing the final results for several months, though. It can take up to a year for the contours that your surgeon sculpts to set into their final place. 

Can chin liposuction treat my excess skin?

Chin liposuction alone cannot remove excess or sagging skin. Surgeons often combine chin liposuction with a facelift or neck lift to accomplish this. 

Is chin liposuction painful?

Chin liposuction is an invasive surgery, but providers like Plastic Surgeons of Lexington provide ample anesthesia to prevent any potential discomfort during surgery. Prescription medication can alleviate sensitivity and discomfort during recovery as well. 


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