Breast Augmentation: From A to a D. (Part C)

Another question you have probably been asking yourself is which type of implant do I choose? In this post, we will dive into the similarities and differences of Silicon and Saline Breast Implants.

Part C. Saline vs. Silicone

Silicone breast implants are filled with Silicone gel which can be a thick, sticky fluid or a semi-solid depending on the generation of the gel.  Silicone breast implants come in a variety of shapes including round and teardrop shaped.   When you use a silicone implant, you decrease the risk of the breast implant ripping and it has been said to feel more natural.  The flip side to a silicone implant is it may require a longer incision, and it is required by the FDA the patient be 22 years of age or older to receive a silicone breast implant.

Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water and can be inserted into the breast empty and then filled accordingly to achieve the desired breast size.  During the procedure, the implant size can be adjusted to ensure the desired size and symmetry is achieved. The incision for a saline breast implant is smaller since they are not pre-filled. The flip side to a saline breast implant is a greater risk of the implant ripping.  It has been said saline implants do not feel as natural as a silicone implant.

If you are torn between choosing a silicone breast implant and a saline breast implant, you can always consult your physician.  Once you have discussed the objective of your Breast Augmentation Surgery, they can help you determine which option is best to help you achieve optimal results.

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