Breast Augmentation: From A to a D

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be blogging about Breast Augmentations.  In this four-part blogging series, we will address the topics we hear about the most from our patients: Size, Shape, Saline vs. Silicone, and Surgery.

Part A. Size

Often the first thing patients want to talk about when discussing Breast Augmentation Surgery is what size implant they should use. We have all seen a range of celebrities from Pamela Anderson (who tends to lean towards a larger, fuller implant) to Kate Hudson (who opted for a smaller, more natural looking implant size).  Regardless of what celebrity Breast Augmentation you identify with, we can help you make the choice that is right for you.

Our first suggestion is to find images of breast sizes you like. This usually works best when you find images of patients with a similar frame and build to that of your own.  Can’t find any images you like? Describe to your doctor the look you are trying to achieve.  For instance, is your main objective to fill out your clothing more? Perhaps you want to have more defined cleavage?  Whatever your goal, your doctors can talk you through the process and help you decide on a size that is best suited for you.

Breast Augmentation Surgery can help you get the desired look you have always dreamed of. Whether you are looking for a subtle change or a big impact, Breast Augmentation Surgery can help boost self-confidence by making you look and feel fantastic.

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