Breast Lift Surgery

Mastopexy, or “breast lift” surgery is a cosmetic procedure that helps clients who are dissatisfied with their breast shape. Breast tissue undergoes dramatic changes due to aging, weight gain, and childbirth, which can lead to altered breast appearance and size. We may also notice a difference in size and shape when comparing our breasts to each other in the mirror, or, perhaps more startlingly, when comparing them with photos taken in our youth. Understandably, the effects of gravity on our outward appearance can often leave us feeling self-conscious, so we may seek ways to improve the shape of our breasts to improve our wellbeing and self-image. Many patients opt for relatively common cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation or mammoplasty to increase or improve the size and shape of breast tissue. Mastopexy is an innovative procedure that goes a step further to reshape tissue than standard breast augmentation, helping our clients fulfill their cosmetic needs safely, and affordably. 

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Breast Tissue Changes

As we age, our bodies undergo a vast array of physical changes. Mammary tissue loses fat, which is caused by a drop in the body’s natural production of estrogen over time. This decrease in hormones can lead to significant aesthetic changes, including sagging, flattening, and tissue shrinkage. In addition, after the birth of a child, the likelihood of permanent changes occurring to breast tissues, nipples, and the surrounding areola is high. (1)  These changes occur due to weight gain during and after childbirth. The subsequent stretching of the proteins in the connective tissues, such as elastin, can cause  fatty breast tissue to sag and lose form. In addition, breast volume in overweight women was shown to be between two and three times greater than people with a BMI not classified as obese, leading to higher rates of back, shoulder, and neck pain.(2) 

Our hectic day-to-day schedules often make it difficult to pause and investigate the wealth of surgical options for body-related stressors and sources of emotional and physical pain such as breast shape, which is why Plastic Surgeons of Lexington created their blog, to discuss ways to stay healthy and active, and details the surgery options at our clinic that make a noticeable difference in our patients’ lives. Click on the link above for a one-stop guide to feeling better about your body!

Treatment Options in Lexington, KY

Perhaps surprisingly, there is no one way to perform a breast lift. On the contrary, our surgery in Lexington, KY provides a number of case-specific mastopexy procedures to ensure you get the right treatment for your desired outcomes.

Crescent Mastopexy. 

This procedure is a good fit for patients with minimal sagging, and results in minimal scarring. A small incision is made halfway across the top edge of the areola. Although it is one of the least common mastopexy surgeries, Crescent Mastopexy may be used in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery.

Peri-Ariolar  Mastopexy

Peri-Ariolar Mastopexy, or “doughnut mastopexy”, is suitable for women with mild breast sagging.  As the name suggests, Doughnut Mastopexy involves a circular incision along the circumference of the areola, resulting in a small scar. Patients may choose this procedure if they wish to combine mastopexy with breast augmentation and to reduce areola size.

Vertical Mastopexy

Continuing the theme of delicious treats, the Vertical Mastopexy is also known as the “lollipop mastopexy”. This procedure is a common choice for patients with moderate sagging, and encompasses only minor, easy to conceal scars. It involves one incision around the areola, and one incision from the areola to the inframammary fold, resembling a lollipop shape.

Inverted T Mastopexy

Sometimes known as the “anchor” lift, the Inverted T Mastopexy dramatically reshapes the tissue of patients with more severe sagging and loss of shape. Three incisions are made to remove excess skin around the areola, from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease, and lastly along the inframammary fold. Patients may combine the Inverted T Mastopexy with a breast reduction and lift to improve overall shape and contour.

Why Choose Mastopexy?

People all over the world are well aware of the many personal sacrifices we make to raise and provide for a family, hold down a job, navigate social situations with positivity, and to undergo the everyday stresses and strains of modern life. The reality is that very few diets or supplements will help us with such drastic physical changes. Therefore, it is no coincidence that more and more people are seeking cosmetic surgery as a legitimate form of self-care.(3) A mastopexy procedure gives patients the opportunity for a life-changing boost in confidence and self-esteem. You may consider breast lift surgery if you are looking to:

  • Increase overall breast fullness and volume
  • Improve breast symmetry
  • Reduce the size of the areola
  • Elevate the appearance of the nipple
  • Gain a more youthful chest placement of breast tissue’
  • Improve overall breast shape

In the past, the image of cosmetic breast surgery leaned toward that of the buxom “Baywatch babe” aesthetic. Nowadays, however, breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries are far more commonplace than one might realize, and are conducted regularly to improve posture, alleviate pain and discomfort, and help clients feel confident with their bodies. 

The question now is: Must we put on a smile and mask our pain and unhappiness with the condition of our bodies, or can we take positive steps to help alleviate a source of understandable stress and worry? In this day and age, we need to remind ourselves that it is not selfish to love and take care of ourselves! To learn about mastopexy and other procedures offered by Plastic Surgeons of Lexington, follow us on social media to read the latest information on health, wellbeing, and cosmetic surgery.

Consultation and Procedure

It can be a daunting feeling entering the consultation room; however, you are in safe hands with us! We assure the highest level of quality medical services to all of our patients in a safe, welcoming environment. During consultation, one of our experienced surgeons will discuss the options available to you after a thorough physical examination and an evaluation of your general health and family medical history. You will discuss any preexisting conditions or risk factors for mastopexy surgery, such as obesity and breast cancer risks. You and your provider will then take steps to ensure you choose the best procedure for your personal needs.

Breast lift surgery is an outpatient procedure that lasts between 1-3 hours, so there is no need to stay overnight! It is performed under general anesthesia. You may need an additional 2-3 hours in the on-site recovery room to relax, but don’t worry, you will be looked after throughout the entire process! Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

After Surgery

The recovery period after breast lift surgery is usually between 6-12 weeks, although this varies with the type of surgery you elect to have. During this period, it is advisable to keep moving, but don’t overexert yourself. Typically, patients find that 3 days to a week off work helps speed their recovery significantly. After the procedure, surgical incisions are covered with tape and large dressings, but these may be removed around 10 days after your surgery. You may also be asked to wear a surgical bra, which provides compression and comfort during the healing process. There is usually no need for a postoperative drain. Typically, patients experience temporary pain in the first few days post-surgery, which your surgeon will be happy to prescribe medication for. During your recovery, we will monitor your healing progress to ensure scar quality is good, and that you are healing as expected after the procedure.

Breast Lift Cost in Lexington, KY

The cost of your treatment will largely depend on the type of breast lift procedure you opt for. Our dedicated surgeons will advise you to move forward with the procedure that best suits your needs. Feel free to schedule a consultation with Plastic Surgeons of Lexington to discuss which options are best for you. Patients who receive services at our Harrodsburg Road location may qualify for financing


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