Part 3: Our Favorite Skin Care Products

We can’t stress enough about how important skin care is.  So many factors can affect our skin.  Changes in season, what we eat, smoking, sun exposure, how much sleep we get, and even environmental factors can play a part on the condition of our complexion. A proper skin care regimen can help combat some of these issues and give your skin a youthful, healthy glow.

When deciding on a skin care regimen you should first ask yourself some questions:

  1. What is your skin type?
  2. What elements do you face in your day to day life that might affect your skin?
  3. What “problem areas” do you have? (Maybe you have a specific area that breaks out or an oily T-Zone.)
  4. Do you need your skin care regimen to be preventative or repairing?
  5. What desired results do you wish to see from you skin care routine?

Once you have asked yourself these questions, then you can determine what products will meet your needs.  One of our favorite skin care lines is NEOCUTIS.  We carry the products right here in the office. NEOCUTIS is dedicated to being a trusted and innovative skincare brand- and we only want the best for our patients. They use the most cutting-edge scientific research and incorporate these technologies into high-quality product formulas that address common skin care concerns like aging, discoloration, and skin redness and dryness. NEOCUTIS also protects against UVA Rays which have been proven to break down collagen and cause premature aging.

Whether you want to prevent premature aging, you are already seeing signs of aging, or you are in between cosmetic procedures, taking care of your skin should be a priority.  Have questions about skin care options or NEOCUTIS products?  Call our office at (859) 276-3883 and we will be happy to help you find the solution that is right for you.

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