Recovery: What you can expect

Are you thinking about a procedure over winter break?  We are going to break down the recovery time for various types of procedures so you can plan accordingly.

Breast Augmentation:  Expect to be off of work for 2 weeks.  You will most likely need assistance with routine tasks for 1-2 days’ post procedure, but you may be sore when bending or lifting for a couple of weeks. You may resume regular exercise after six weeks.

Hair Restoration with NeoGraft:  Usually the recovery period after NeoGraft is relatively short.  The day following your procedure you may experience some redness and discomfort in the donor area. You can expect to have some scabbing on average for a week following the procedure (sometimes longer if there is a larger donor area).  You may experience some swelling but this typically only lasts 2-5 days.  The average time taken off from work is a couple of days.

Liposuction: As you recover from Liposuction, you should prepare to be off of work for one week.  You will need to limit all physical activities for three to four weeks and will be expected to wear compression garments to minimize swelling during this time.  All major swelling usually goes away after six weeks.

Tummy Tuck: After a Tummy Tuck, most patients stay home for the first week. During this time, it is recommended the patient take short walks to promote circulation. All strenuous activities should be avoided for six weeks following the procedure.

Nose Surgery:  Post Nose Surgery, patients will often experience swelling and bruising for a few weeks. In order to ensure quicker healing, the patient should keep the head elevated and avoid touching the nose.  The amount of time taken off work is up to the patient, but usually 2-3 days is recommended.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation: After having Laser Skin Rejuvenation you can return to work right away but your skin will appear red (similar to a sunburn).  For three to four days after the procedure you may experience some peeling.  During your recovery period you will apply hydrating lotion to keep your skin moist and to help it heal. You may resume wearing make-up three days after the procedure.

Have questions about a procedure we didn’t mention above?  You can call our office at (859) 276-3883 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.  It’s important to remember recovery can vary from patient to patient.  It’s always best to talk to your doctor about the recovery period during your consultation.

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