Why Are My Breasts Uneven?

This is a common question I hear from my patients during a breast augmentation consultation.  First off, you are not alone when it comes to breast asymmetry and there is nothing wrong with your breasts.  In fact the majority of women have some sort of breast asymmetry.  Whether that is one breast being larger than the other or one nipple being higher or lower than the other, no two breasts are the same.  The good news is there are surgical procedures to correct breast asymmetry.  With a wide variety of breast implant sizes and shapes, we here at Plastic Surgeons of Lexington can pick implants to help correct volume discrepancies.  This often requires using two different sized implants to account for the differences in your breasts.  Additionally, if your nipples are at different heights comparatively then a breast lift is a great option to correct this.  Moving the nipples to a new position is a great way to achieve better symmetry in your breasts.  These procedures can often be combined into one surgery known as a breast augmentation mastopexy.  The result is two breasts with similar size and nipples in the same position.

Patients that undergo correction of breast asymmetry are often some of my happiest patients.  Their newfound self confidence, as well as their ability to wear new clothing makes this a very rewarding procedure for plastic surgeons.  Give us a call at Plastic Surgeons of Lexington to set up a consultation and see how we can help you achieve correction of uneven breasts.

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