Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP)

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

A Non-Surgical Alternative for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss

Our blood is made up of red blood cells and plasma. The plasma contains platelets which are rich in growth factors. Growth factors function as messengers to stimulate cell activity. These growth factors help stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and promote new hair growth. Science demonstrates the success of ACP; simple indicators such as increased hair count, increased hair thickness and an increase in the growth phase of the hair have all been cited.

Before and After Photos

Best Candidates for ACP

Anyone experiencing hair loss is a good candidate for ACP. Men with early hair loss tend to respond best to the treatment. It is also a great treatment option for women with thinning hair.

The Process

We begin with a standard blood draw from the patient’s arm. The tube of blood is then put in a centrifuge which spins the blood to separate out the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma, rich in growth factors, is then injected directly into the scalp at the level of the hair follicles.

Result Times

Results take time to notice. You can expect to see hair loss stop first, which is then followed by new growth. It may take up to six months to see the results. It is important to remember that hair loss is a chronic condition that will continue to require treatment.

Lastly, a multifaceted approach to hair loss provides the best results. We incorporate the NeoLyte hair light treatment in our office, which helps improve blood flow and oxygen to the scalp. Patients will also receive DUCRAY hair products to support our hair restoration procedures. A treatment plan will be customized for you.